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New to this whole tumblr thing...trying to start living a healthier life!

So mum went food shopping today while I was out and bought two golden syrup steamed sponges for me to try. she was so sweet when she told me ‘oh, you don’t have to but i bought these if you want to try them’ or something like that. i appreciated the nice way she said it (rather than pressuring me or ‘you like these, have one later’ or something which usually just puts my back up). I will admit my slight fail in not having something slightly higher in carbs with my dinner as I had spotted the carbs in this and still feel anxious about carbs. So I mean, ideally, I would have eaten my normal dinner and then eaten this but win because this and the calories of it created some anxiety (not anything super horrible, but enough to know it is there). 

So yep. I will admit I’m not actually a huge fan but I ate it and it was okay and I’m proud I decided not to play it safe. *Just keep swimming, just keep swimming* to quote Dory. 

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